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Botswana - Limpopo Tuli Trail
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Botswana - Limpopo Tuli Trail

There is little to match the adventure of the Tuli Trail, a mobile safari which runs between April and October covering 120 miles of the Mashatu Reserve, exploring the banks of the legendary Limpopo River.

The Mashatu Game Reserve is in the Tuli Block, in the southeast corner of Botswana - a little known area offering some of the most exciting game viewing in Africa. It is particularly famous for its great herds of elephant, currently estimated to total over 1,700. Along the river courses which flow into the Limpopo River, huge riverine trees provide shade for eland, impala, wildebeest, kudu, waterbuck, giraffe and zebra, whilst at night the bat eared fox and African wild cat search for prey. The large impala population means there are many lion and leopard in the area, as well as cheetah and wild dog. The Tuli Block also hosts over 350 bird species.

The well behaved horses have been carefully chosen from various breeds. These bush-wise horses include Boerperd, Shire Thoroughbred crosses, Appaloosas and Friesian crosses. They range in size from 15hh to 17hh. You ride in comfortable stock saddles. They have a great selection of horses available which will make your safari memorable.

The riding varies from exploratory and informative walks through the bush and in the riverbeds (dry or wet) to many short and long canters. You will also likely be jumping ditches, steep river banks and logs knocked over by elephants (jumping is optional). You could spend up to six or seven hours a day in the saddle, with plenty of breaks. On some days evening rides are also part of the itinerary.

Your first and last two nights are spent at Two Mashatus camp, in spacious safari tents with ensuite flushing loos and hot running water. On the trail you will move to different wilderness camps, some will have showers and flushing toilets and others have individual long-drop loos and shared bucket showers. You may even spend a night or two under the stars in an old tribal court.

The camps at Limpopo are not enclosed and a real treat will be to see game in and around camp.

Unfortunately non-riders can not join the Tuli Trail, however they can have tailor-made itineraries that allow guests to see the bush from a different perspective with game drives, photographic safaris, bush walks and bush cycle rides, all with their own guide. Instead non-riders will be accommodated at Mashatu Main Camp or Mashatu Tented Camp and accompanying riders will be able to take private tailored rides from the Limpopo stables.

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Botswana Riding Specialist  Sarah Dale

Sarah says:

This is a fast, fun ride, offering some of the best horses and most exciting game viewing in Africa.

My top tip:

Take a wide angled lens to fit your big smiles into the photos! A head torch is a must for camp.

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