Instructional Riding Holidays

We have dressage instruction in Portugal; polo holidays in Argentina; Western riding instruction in Italy and riding centres in Ireland, Italy and Poland offering flatwork and jumping. You can also learn to ride in the Azores and Crete. Most of the destinations offer year-round riding. However, it is worth doing some research into the weather at different times of the year. If you are working hard in a lesson would a hot sunny day drain your energy or give you a boost?


The most important thing is to be open to learn. For the dressage holidays you should already be riding at walk, trot and canter, but you need not necessarily have done dressage before – although it will help if you have done some reading and are familiar with the terminology.


You can eat, sleep, breathe horses all day long and spend your free time discussing hints and tips with like-minded fellow guests or perhaps watch the trainers work their own horses. The instructors will assess your riding and help you set realistic goals. You will be amazed at what you might learn and how much you will improve in the space of a few short days. The skills you learn on a riding holiday could iron out a training issue with your own horse or might help improve your results at your next competition.

USEFUL TIP: Take a video of you riding your own horse at home – the Instructor may find it helpful. And have someone video your lessons so that you can review them later.