Beach Riding Holidays

The most popular type of holiday throughout the whole travel industry, is the beach holiday. The idea of sun, sea and sand is often used to entice people abroad. However, many beach getaways can be overcrowded, with a race in the morning for the best sun-loungers with a sea view.

Riding by the ocean is a glorious feeling. Whether you’re meandering along the water’s edge or stretching at full gallop on perfect sand; a beach riding holiday is hard to beat. Listening to the sea and watching the sunset at the end of an exciting day is something truly special.

To ride horses on a beach, especially at speed, requires space. You will find remote beaches that look untouched, almost undiscovered as you ride over the sand dunes or down from the clifftops.

The sandy terrain is the ideal location to stand up in your stirrups, relax your reins and let the horse stretch out into a gallop underneath you, while your guide in front directs you across the sand, avoiding the soft spots. After letting off some steam, have a splash in the waves. In some places, such as in Mozambique, you can even swim with your horse.

You can ride on the beach, somewhere in the world, anytime in the year. Even in the middle of summer, riding along the coast is superb since the sea breeze keeps you and your horse cool (just don’t forget your sun protection). If you are riding in a popular tourist area then you might not be permitted to ride along the water’s edge at certain times, although if that means you ride along the beach at dawn then it’s an experience not to be missed!

What type of rider do I need to be?

It is important that you are confident in walk, trot and canter. One of the best things about riding on the beach is being able to have a blast! Flat hard sand is the perfect terrain for fast riding, so feeling confident and being in control of your horse in the open is essential.

What’s special about beach riding?

Being beside the sea on a beach riding holiday offers so much variety – from galloping up a beach, crossing rivers and estuaries to riding along a cliff top looking out to sea. It is always worth keeping a look out for dolphins, whales and other marine life hiding in the waves.

Useful Tip: Don’t forget your sun protection or sunglasses, and a buff over your face can stop you getting a mouthful of sand from the horse in front.