Ride Reports

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Borana Lodge

There is a wide variety of horses to choose from, each with their own personality and quirks. I rode two horses during my stay – Kiki and Arwen – who I adored and wish I could have brought home with me! They were forward going, fun to ride and so relaxed around game due to grazing out on the plains.

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Ol Donyo Lodge

What I really loved about Ol Donyo was that everything is completely tailored to each guest. You can choose exactly what you’d like to do at what time and for how long which makes it the perfect luxury safari.

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Wait A Little

In the space of 7 nights I ticked off each and every member of Africa’s Big 5, plus countless other game and bird species – and trust me when I say that there’s not many places where you can do that easily within one week, especially whilst on horseback.

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Mediterranean Trail

The Mediterranean Trail is a fun trail for fit and experienced riders. You ride forward going horses for long distances often at a good pace. You get you stay in charming rural guesthouses and hotels, and will learn lots about the Catalan culture which makes this area so different from the rest of Spain.

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Wild Sicily Trail

This trails you through some of the most beautiful and diverse scenery on Sicily. You ride across the Nebrodi mountain range on a journey towards the final destination – Mt Etna. On your way, enjoy some wonderful food and special accommodation whilst riding lovely, well trained horses.

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Adventures in Greenland

I love travelling to new places and when the chance came to visit Greenland with our exploratory ride, I have to admit I jumped at it. I have trawled through my pictures and memories, of which there are many, and hopefully you will get a flavour of this wonderful country from my blog.

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