Horse Welfare

Horse welfare is central to our philosophy.

The first thing we do when researching a new destination is to determine that the horses are well cared for and fit enough for the distances and terrain to be covered. It doesn't matter how wonderful the scenery or how fabulous the accommodation, if there are questions over the quality of the horses or their welfare we know this is not a holiday we want to recommend.

Our open approach, where all feedback is published in full on our website, means that our reputation is on the line every time we recommend a particular holiday. More than half of the people who travel with us have horses and we know they want to ride something that is at least equal to what they have at home.

Over the past 20 years we have booked many group trips for equine welfare charities. They have the confidence to know that we will take on board their special requirements and recommend the right destination to give them an outstanding experience.

"In The Saddle always deliver well-organised, unique challenge rides for my fundraisers and I never hesitate to recommend them."

Frances Plume | Fundraising Officer | World Horse Welfare