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Time has flown and it's been 22 years since we first started organising riding holidays. If you have already been on a ride with In The Saddle we hope you found we listened to what you wanted from your holiday. Your feedback tells us that 82% rated our service excellent and 98% as good or above (AITO Independent Reviews). If you haven't ridden with us before, find out more about us.

Hoof Miles

Hoof miles are awarded on each holiday booked with In The Saddle. One Hoof Mile is awarded for each pound spent. In addition certain trips carry bonus Hoof Miles, see the News and Specials section for details.

Hoof Miles have no expiry date.

Hoof Miles can be redeemed against any future In The Saddle holiday. 100 hoof miles entitles you to £1 off your holiday.

Our Passion for Horses and Travel

Find out more about In The Saddle and the people behind it.


Our Service

How we help you choose the ride that's right for you.


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