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Montana deserves its epithet, "the last best place". With open plains in the east rising to the Rocky Mountains in the west, for many this is the image that comes to mind when you think of cowboys, ranches and cattle drives.

There are probably over a hundred guest ranches in Montana (but we haven't counted them all!). They run the full range from resorts to the true authentic working cattle ranch.

Our small selection of ranches are people and places we know well and from where we get consistently great feedback.

Any one of these ranches also makes a great combination with a visit to Yellowstone or Glacier National Parks for stunning wildlife and scenery. Call or email us and we will be pleased to answer any questions and help you decide which ranch is right for you.

Montana - Rocking Z

Set in the grassy foothills of the Rocky Mountains this small family owned and run guest ranch is great for all ages and abilities. There is an emphasis on natural horsemanship and you can really get a feel for this with the ranch’s home-trained horses.

Experience Level
  • Open Feb, Apr-Oct
  • Set arrivals
  • 3 to 13 nights / 6 days of riding
  • Weight limit: 17st 2lbs (109 kg) (240 pounds)
  • Usual maximum: 23
5 star rating 15 reviews
Price from £1,540.80 for 3 nights ( GBP | EUR | USD )

Montana - Nine Quarter Circle Ranch

A family run ranch close to Yellowstone National Park with overnight pack trips. This is a ranch suitable for all the family no matter the riding experience.

Experience Level
  • Open Jun-Sep
  • Set arrivals
  • 7 nights / to days of riding
  • Weight limit: 17st 12lbs (114 kg) (250 pounds)
  • Usual maximum: 70
5 star rating 1 review
Price from £2,086.07 for 7 nights ( GBP | EUR | USD )