Sicilian Trails - Italy

Madonie Trail

5 star rating   1 July 2023

Maria who has been on 7 In The Saddle rides. Beautiful trail ride | Excellent

The Riding

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Before Your Holiday

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Excellent trail that I can highly recommend. The scenery was very beautiful and different every day, - from the peak of Pizzo Carbonara at 1 979 m, valleys and small villages.
I got to ride 2 horses during the week, Maura and Brina. Both very nice horses, well trained and well taken care of.
Lizzie and Alex were great hosts. They know a lot about Sicily and it's history which was very interesting to hear about.
The food was very good, and it was plenty of it. We had a nice picnic lunch, and 4 course dinner every day.
[Becky from In The Saddle replies: Thank you very much for your feedback, we are so pleased you enjoyed your holiday in Sicily.]