What to Pack for your Holiday

The prime considerations are safety and comfort, rather than style.

When you book, we will send you a recommended "What to Bring list" specifically tailored for your holiday. If you are a regular rider then you will probably already have most things on the list.

Riding Hat/Helmet

You must wear a hard hat/riding helmet when riding or around horses. We recommend for your own safety that you wear a hard hat that meets current safety standards. You should always replace your hat if you have had a fall and if you haven't had a fall, it is recommended that you replace your hat every 5 years.

Here are some links for more information:
Safety Standards Explained
Safety & Your Head
Guide to Riding Helmets

On some rides there may be hats to hire locally but you must not rely on these hats and you should always take your own. It is important that your hat fits properly. Some riders choose to wear a lightweight endurance style hat, such as made by Uvex, Troxel or Champion. Alternatively, wide brimmed covers in a range of materials which are designed to fit over a skull cap are available to purchase in the UK from Hatrick.

Riding Boots

Choice of footwear is one of the most common questions and for most rides we suggest ankle boots with a rubber sole. We recommend Bareback Boots

On some riding holidays it is very important that your boots are safe for you to walk downhill.

Need something?

If you do need to purchase new kit, Performance Equestrian have an excellent web site where you can order a range of equipment including hats, boots and jodhpurs, all designed for maximum comfort on long rides. Some items can take a while to arrive so please order in plenty of time.

Some general advice from In The Saddle

The team at In The Saddle have compiled some useful advice and packing tips in our Blog.

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