Welcome to Arizona!

Posted on December 1, 2016

My first full day in Arizona began as I was driven out of the Tucson city limits and towards Panther Peak and below it, White Stallion Ranch. riding in arizona

The scenery was like nothing I have ever seen first hand and the cacti were absolutely massive. I was told that a cactus will not grow any ‘arms’ until it is at least 70 years old!


After a lovely afternoon ride to a picnic spot, we stopped for some cheese and wine before returning to the ranch. After dinner we had a live show from the cowboy himself, Loop Rawlins! He was fantastic with this gun and rope tricks.

live cowboy show

After a long day and tiring day from yesterday’s travelling, I returned to my lovely room (this is a deluxe queen/twin) for a good night’s sleep.

accommodation at white stallion ranch

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Becky Clarke,  is a Travel Consultant with In The Saddle and is visiting Arizona to experience the riding at White Stallion Ranch, as well as their sister ranch Tombstone Ranch. In a few days she will be moving onto Tanque Verde Ranch. We look forward to hearing all about her stay.

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