Travel the World in Horse Breeds: A Brazilian Beauty

Posted on October 6, 2013

There is more to equestrian travel than simply viewing another country from horseback, one of the highlights of your trip will be getting to know the personality of your four-legged travel companion. With hundreds of different horse breeds inhabiting the world there are so many types of horse you can come across. In our latest blog we introduce you to the wonderful Brazilian Mangalarga Marchador horses…

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Brazil is best known for its colourful carnivals, football legends and of course the Amazon, however there are deeper hidden treasures in this vibrant country and to see them from horseback is truly magical! From joining a genuine traditional cattle drive, to exploring mountain scenery, coffee plantations or the routes taken by Charles Darwin in the rainforests, to riding on empty white sandy beaches. Brazil is the home of stunning Mangalarga Marchador horses, a distinctive versatile equine with a unique gait.

Descending from the Lusitano stallions of Portugal and Barb mares, the Mangalarga Marchador horses are considered intelligent, amicable and easily trained for a variety of equestrian tasks, while their natural cadence and carriage sets them apart from other horses.

Agile, strong and typically with a docile temperament, the Mangalarga Marchador horses have a fast and smooth walk, canter and gallop and two natural ambling gaits instead of trot. In the Marcha Batida the feet are placed diagonally while in the Marcha Picada the feet move laterally and separately – giving moments when three hooves are on the ground at once. These gaits provide an extremely comfortable pace, making the Marchador ideal for long distance riding.

Adaptable and affectionate, the Mangalarga Marchador horses will enrich your trip to Brazil and certainly leave a long lasting impression. To find out more about riding these horses, or other spectacular horse breeds from around the world, visit

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