Travel Insurance

You are required by the ride operators to take out travel insurance (also known as trip insurance) which provides cover for medical expenses abroad and the cost of getting you home in the event of an accident or illness during your holiday.  Protection of at least £50,000 emergency medical evacuation plus £500,000 medical expenses is recommended. Please note that the ride operator may not permit you to ride if you do not have travel insurance.

Always check the list of included/excluded activities to ensure that horse riding is covered. If in any doubt we recommend you obtain clarification in writing from the insurer

You are also strongly recommended to have insurance in place to provide cover if you need to cancel your holiday since deposits are non refundable and if you cancel within 10 weeks of your start date the ride operator may apply additional cancellation charges. The insurance should cover the total value of your holiday.

We advise you read any travel insurance policy carefully to determine that it meets your specific needs regarding the level of cover you require and declare any pre-existing medical conditions.

In The Saddle may request details of your travel insurance to forward to the ride operator.

Global Health Insurance Card

For holidays within Europe we strongly recommend you obtain a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) which lets you access state healthcare in Europe at a reduced cost or sometimes for free. If you have an existing UK European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) it will be valid until the expiry date on the card. Once it expires, you’ll need to apply for a GHIC to replace it. There is no charge to obtain a GHIC. Follow the link on this UK government website.

Please note that holding an EHIC or GHIC does not remove the need for Travel Insurance but it may make it quicker for you to get treatment in a hospital within the EU/EEA and many insurers expect you to have it.

Personal Accident Insurance

Horse riders know that riding and being around horses involves an element of risk. We probably all know of people who have had quite serious riding accidents when hacking out at home or bringing their horses in from the field.

If you don't already have it in place you may wish to consider taking out Personal Accident Insurance (also known as personal injury insurance) which is designed to pay out if you suffer a serious injury as a result of an accident. This could protect you and your family against loss of income and help you with bills and other expenses.

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