Through Your Horse’s Ears…

Posted on November 21, 2016

Today’s morning ride leads us through the reserve where we find zebra, blesbok, impala and warthog.  We were also lucky enough to spot an African goshawk and a colourful paradise flycatcher.


Looking back through my photos this afternoon, I love the game shots which are through my horse’s ears. We managed to get close to the zebra as they are so relaxed with the horses.


Our lead guide, Craig, answered the age old question and told us – zebras are in fact white with black strips. But he then threw a spanner in the works by telling us they have black skin!? So I’m not 100% sure now…


At the end of each ride, we simply un-tack the horses and set them free into the reserve, whilst we enjoy sundowners. Because they live together,  the horses and game are very accustomed to each other.


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Lucy Downes is a travel consultant with In The Saddle and is in South Africa visiting Ants Lodges, Wait A Little, Garonga Lodge and also a beach lodge in Mozambique. It’s an important part of her job and someone has to do it! We will send more reports as she sends them to us.

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