The Beauty Of Bulgaria By Horseback

Posted on June 18, 2013

Situated in Southeast Europe, Bulgaria is steeped in history and cultural interest yet is somewhat unknown to holidaymakers. For the first time, In The Saddle are offering a horseback holiday to this relatively unexplored country, providing the perfect destination for any equestrian adventurer!

Known predominantly for being the bridge between Europe and Asia, Bulgaria surprisingly offers fascinating ancient stories and a spectacular backdrop. Over a third of the country is forestry and provides a natural habitat for many rare animals, including wolves, brown bears, golden jackal and wild cats, although all are elusive and rarely seen.

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The impressive Balkan Mountains run for over 600km and divide Bulgaria into two distinctive halves, providing a diverse landscape, which lends itself perfectly to horse riding. Lush meadows lie below inaccessible cliffs while river valleys and basins line the land between magical thick forests and of course the famous mountains make for impressive explorations.

Embarking on one of the exciting Balkan Trails through In The Saddle allows competent riders to partner with well trained, forward going horses and discover the many rock formations, caves, ancient trees and breathtaking high waterfalls that Bulgaria has to offer. Promising a rare feeling of freedom, Bulgaria has virtually no gates or fences to constrain you on your travels meaning the opportunities for long, exciting canters and exhilarating riding are plentiful.

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Ride through pretty timber-framed villages where headscarfed elderly ladies and their curious grandchildren still watch in wonderment at the arrival of outsiders, and learn about the ancient culture and history of Bulgaria when visiting momentous landmarks, including monasteries filled with fabulous icons, watched over by bearded priests.

With three different itineraries to choose from, In The Saddle’s Balkan Trails trip provides travellers with a variety of ways to journey across this fascinating land. Choose between an adventurous ride on the north of the Balkans, a more relaxed ride to the south or embark on an intrepid riding expedition involving 45kms of riding per day and five nights basic tented accommodation for a real taste of the simple life.

Prices start from £833 per person, not including flights. For more information about horse riding in Bulgaria with In The Saddle visit:, email or call + 44 (0) 1299 272 997 to speak to equestrian travel experts.

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