Special Offer: Trail clinic and barrel racing clinics at El Bronco in March

Hungary - El Bronco

Do you love western riding or wish to give it a try?  Do you want to improve your skills or learn new ones?

El Bronco are offering two specialised western riding clinics in March.

5-8 March: Trail riding clinic
The course will be held in English by Vera Ledneczki, a European Champion Trail Rider.

My name is Veronica!
I am currently working as a Western horse riding trainer in Hungary at my family’s equestrian centre. Here we are training young horses, show horses and run a riding school.

Since a young age I have grown up with horses, and has always been my ambition to work with horses. I graduated at the University of Kaposvar, studying horse breeding, organising equine sports and agricultural engineering.

I have always been attracted to the general class of horse and the precision and harmony that exists between horse and rider. In the general class trail riding is my preferred favourite, as there is always the unexpected obstacle to anticipate and would like to participate a high level due to the exciting challenge. I would compare trail riding to ballroom dancing for the synchronisation between horse and rider and the rhythm and pace. And the need for a constant need to adapt the gait to suit and obstacle, sees the horse and rider. Performing in perfect harmony. I have been participating at National level in Hungary since 2007, and international level since 2013. Such as the Middle European Cup in the Czech Republic, Americana in Germany, and the Appaloosa European Championship in the Netherlands.

My first major success was in 2017 when I became European Champion in two trail classes with a horse trained by myself. Throughout this time my main trainer has been my Father, but in order to develop my skills and knowledge further, I attend 1 to 2 clinics per year held by well know talented horsemen.


19-22 March: Barrel racing clinic
This course is held in English by József Dörnyei, Barrel World Cup finalist.

What’s included: accommodation, full board, use of the wellness suite, 1 introductory group lesson, 4 shared lessons and 1 trail ride.

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For more information contact Claire on +44 1299 272 243 or email claire@inthesaddle.com


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