Safely does it, from Head to Toe!

Posted on September 20, 2012

It may seem obvious but just because you are in another country doesn’t mean safety equipment should go out of the window! It can be tempting in warmer climates to forgo the hard hat and feel the wind in your hair, but even on the safest horse you should be prepared for unexpected circumstances.

In The Saddle Top Safety Tips

We recommend that you wear a hard hat whenever you are riding, whether at home or on holiday. Even if your guide or other riders are not wearing a hard hat, this should not influence your decision. Check that your hat meets the current safety regulations, for the most up to date British safety regulations check out the BETA guidelines.

Hard Hats don’t have to be hot and sweaty, look for a well-ventilated, lightweight helmet, which will keep you safe, cool and comfortable even in the warmest of climates. Shop around to find the hat you like best, and always make sure it has been properly fitted to your head, most tack shops offer free fitting advice.

Footwear is important and wearing appropriate, specifically designed equestrian boots will offer you safety, protection, comfort and help you stay stable in the stirrups. Flip Flops and trainers do not match well with heavy horse feet, so make sure whenever you are spending time around horses your feet are well dressed!

There are lots of products available on the market made from technical fabrics rather than traditional leather, many with lightweight but durable soles, ventilation and breathable linings to prevent overheating your feet. We are big fans of the Ariat collection, in particularly their Endurance styles for comfort and durability. Visit their website to see the many styles available and find your local stockist.

While you may wish to look glam and accessorise when on holiday, bear in mind that jewellery, especially earrings, rings and necklaces, can easily get caught and could break, or worse, cause an injury. When you are choosing your outfit make sure that any loose clothing can be buttoned or zipped up to prevent flapping and frightening your horse.

One of our resident equestrian travel experts, Olwen Law from In The Saddle, on a riding holiday in Cappadocia, Turkey, wearing a Troxel Helmet and Ariat footwear.


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