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Namibia - Damara Elephant Safari
Namibia - Damara Elephant Safari
Namibia - Damara Elephant Safari
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Namibia - Damara Elephant Safari

This adventurous expedition ride was originally created by Waldi Fritzche. There is now a completely new team at the helm and the safaris have gone from strength to strength.

Damaraland is a beautiful part of the country, almost inaccessible, with amazing colours and vast open spaces, ancient craters and remnants from prehistoric times, not to mention the forbidding Skeleton Coast. The Skeleton coast is known for the skeletal shipwrecks caused by a combination of dense fogs which commonly form here and the offshore rocks.

You may encounter elephant, rhino or lion, or be caught by rivers in flood, all of which combines into a tremendous adventure.

Each and every Damara Ride so far has been an experience of a lifetime!

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Namibian Riding Specialist  Abigail Wood

Abigail says:

This itinerary features fantastic riding, spectacular scenery, wilderness camping, a visit to the rock engravings at Twyfelfontein and the chance of seeing desert-adapted elephant and rhino ...adventure in abundance!

My top tip:

Drink plenty of water to counteract the dehydration effects of the sun.

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