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Namibia - Namib Desert
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Namibia - Namib Desert

These adventurous expedition rides were originally created by Waldi Fritzche. There is now a completely new team at the helm and the safaris have gone from strength to strength.

Explore unique and spectacular desert landscapes on super fit and responsive horses. These are true adventures not for the faint-hearted.

There are some 80 horses of various types: Arab, Hanoverian, Trakehner / Cross, Boerperd and ranch horses. There are also a few of the very special "wild horses" of Namibia which were sold to local farmers when drought threatened them with extinction. The horses are strong and fit as they live on the rough terrain in the bush. You are responsible for grooming and tacking up your horse throughout the expedition and will continually marvel at their willingness and sure-footedness. These are challenging rides for experienced riders. The wide open terrain is perfect for the long fast trots and canters for which the ride is so famous.

This famous ride is a ten night c. 300km adventure which takes you through some of the most remote and spectacular parts of Namibia. The expedition starts inland near Solitaire and from here passes through gentle undulating hills out onto the rocky desert and finally to the sandy beaches of the Atlantic. The trail finishes in Swakopmund on the coast. The Naukluft conservation area supports large herds of mountain zebra and in the Namib you may come across the prehistoric looking Welwitschia plant which spreads its tentacles across the desert floor.

Luggage is transported by truck and a simple camp is set up each evening. Tents are available on request, although a highlight for many people is the opportunity to sleep out under the spectacular stars of the African sky.

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Namibian Riding Specialist  Abigail Wood

Abigail says:

One of the most challenging rides in the world with awe-inspiring scenery. Be prepared for long hours in the saddle each day, but there is a fantastic sense of achievement at the end.

My top tip:

Plan to be as fit as possible and prepare to rough it in the desert. An extremely rewarding ride to do.

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