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Mongolia - Mongol Horse Trail
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Mongolia - Mongol Horse Trail

The vast, treeless steppes of Mongolia were the homeland of the largest herds of horses the world has ever seen. In the early days of mankind, somewhere in these steppes, nomads invented riding and opened up vast new horizons.

Joining a Mongolian ride means choosing to experience the life of the nomad and glimpsing a way of life so different from our own. The Mongolian people are famous for their hospitality and to spend some time with them is a privilege.

You ride through the homelands of your horse guides. There are many areas in Mongolia where there are no fences, no tracks and no telegraph poles, the only signs of life the nomadic herders you meet along the way, but progress comes to every country and the roads and communication networks are improving.

On the Mongol Horse Trail you experience two strikingly different areas. Heading north-east from Ulaanbaatar towards the northern wilderness, the first part of the journey is over the treeless steppes and then heading north, the second part is in the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park and Khan Khenti Special Protected Area which is mountain forest taiga.

You pass through mountains, steppes, forests and wooded meadows and camp alongside rivers. The support crew use yak carts and follow river valleys while you ride up onto the ridges with majestic views of the surrounding country.

On the trail you camp (two people sharing) and most rides use a traditional ger for evening meals. The trail also includes two nights in the relative comfort of the semi-permanent ger camp at Jalman Meadows.

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Mongolian Riding Specialist  Chris Day

Chris says:

Not for the fainthearted, these rides are demanding but rewarding and offer a real insight into the nomadic way of life.

My top tip:

Be prepared to 'go with the flow'. Your hosts and guides are delightful, but can be shy so you may have to be the one asking all the questions.

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