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India - Fairs and Festivals
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India - Fairs and Festivals

Ride through the ancient kingdoms of Shekhawati and experience the complete spectrum of life in Rajasthan from subsistence farmers who maintain a very simple existence to the privileged life of the princes.

The Indian state of Rajasthan, where our rides are located, was once known as Registhan, "land of desert". You ride over a wide variety of terrain, including not only desert but farmlands, rocky gorges, acacia forests, jungle scrub and the fertile Aravali hills.

Historically this is one of India's richest regions littered with magnificent forts and palaces that were once home, and in many cases still are, to royal princes. Some of these are now hotels where you stay during the ride.

A very special feature of the ride is the horses, the Marwari with their characteristic ears curling in at the top. The horses are forward going and fun to ride. The tack is English style Indian Army saddlery. These Marwari horses come from the stables at Dundlod Castle, home to Kanwar Raghuvendra Singh, known as Bonnie. Bonnie is a warm and considerate host and also an expert horseman. He is a direct descendent of Kesari Singh who built Dundlod Castle in the 1750's. At Dundlod, Bonnie has set up the largest Marwari stud farm in India and has established a breed improvement programme.

The Fairs and Festivals is a six day ride in Rajasthan followed by visits to Jaipur, the bird sanctuary at Bharatpur, one of the largest cattle and horse fairs at Bateshwar and the glorious Taj Mahal at Agra ending with the sights of Delhi over the spectacular Diwali Festival. This is a great itinerary highlighting the places to see on a visit to India. For those who are either short of time or have been to India before, it is possible to leave after 9 nights.

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Indian Riding Specialist  Lucy Downes

Lucy says:

The colours, smells and sounds of India are such an exciting combination that will capture your heart and imagination. The horses are also enchanting with their curling ears and endless stamina.

My top tip:

You are riding through the desert so take a bandana to pull up over your mouth to keep the dust out on canters.

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