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Iceland - Highland Adventure Deluxe
Iceland - Highland Adventure Deluxe
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Iceland - Highland Adventure Deluxe

Riding an Icelandic horse is not only tremendous fun, it’s also a great way to experience the natural beauty of Iceland; snow topped mountains, the largest glacier in Europe, volcanoes, thundering waterfalls and striking lunar landscapes.

The Icelandic horse is a pure-bred descendant of those brought to Iceland by the Vikings over a thousand years ago. Horses remain an important part of Icelandic culture; they are used on remote farms to round up livestock and are still the best means of getting around in many parts of the island. Although small, the Icelandic is a powerful horse and has no difficulty carrying someone weighing 90kgs.

What makes this horse special is its fifth gait, the tölt, which is comparable to a running walk. Most riders can master it fairly quickly; it's fast, comfortable and enables the horse to cover great distances.

The Highland Adventure Deluxe trail offers you a real piece of Iceland. Each day you will change horses once or twice a day and as you ride, the herd of up to fifty loose horses travels with you. In the evenings you sit down to fresh Icelandic fayre from the finest local ingredients. You spend five nights in the comfortable cottages at Hestasport (see Home at Hestasport) and two nights in a mountain cabin on the trail, with made up beds, hot water and showers! This is a chance to experience all that Iceland has to offer, with a touch of comfort!

This trail ride is also suitable for families.

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Icelandic Riding Specialist  Chris Day

Chris says:

What a great way to experience all Iceland has to offer - comfortable accommodation, great food and fantastic riding with the herd of horses.

My top tip:

Take your swimming costume to make the most of the hot tub at the cottages - wonderful after a long day in the saddle!

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