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Mongolia - Mongolia Express
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Mongolia - Mongolia Express

This camping trail takes you through steppes, hills, valleys and small mountains covered with larch forests. Many nomadic families live in this region, with their herds of horses, cattle, goats and sheep. You will have the opportunity of discovering their traditional way of life and will camp close to a nomadic family at least one night during the ride.

The pace of the ride is quite fast, as the support vehicle carries all the luggage and joins the group for lunch and at the end of the day. You do not have to carry anything on your horse, which allows long and fast gallops in this very open terrain.

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Mongolian Riding Specialist  Claire Douglas

Claire says:
If you are on a whirlwind tour of Mongolia then this is the ride for you!
My top tip:
If you can spend a few more days in Mongolia, take time to visit Hustai National Park. 
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