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Greenland - Glaciers and Fjords
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Greenland - Glaciers and Fjords

Greenland has a few unique characteristics. Although physically it is part of the continent of North America, administratively it is part of Denmark. It is the world's largest island and it's also the least densely populated country in the world.

The southern margin of Greenland is ice free year round and is home to your hosts and guides who make a living here as sheep farmers. It is also where Eric the Red settled when he came to Greenland a thousand years ago.

The adventure starts on arrival in Greenland - from the airport it's a short boat ride across the fjord to the riding base.

Icelandic horses are used for sheep farming around the southern edges of Greenland and during the week the ride will explore these remote and barren mountains, crossing meltwater streams and green valleys to fjords dotted with icebergs.

Please note that this is a participatory trip and you are expected to help with the horses and chores during the ride.

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Riding Specialist  Chris Day

Chris says:
This ride takes you through some dramatic scenery, with a new sight around every corner.
My top tip:
The air is very dry and clear in Greenland, so don't forget your sun-screen. 
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