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Mongolia - Orkhon Valley
Mongolia - Orkhon Valley
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Mongolia - Orkhon Valley

The vast, treeless steppes of Mongolia were the homeland of the largest herds of horses the world has ever seen. In the early days of mankind, somewhere in these steppes, nomads invented riding and opened up vast new horizons.

Joining a Mongolian ride means choosing to experience the life of the nomad and glimpsing a way of life so different from our own. The Mongolian people are famous for their hospitality and to spend some time with them is a privilege.

You ride through the homelands of your horse guides. There are many areas in Mongolia where there are no fences, no tracks and no telegraph poles, the only signs of life the nomadic herders you meet along the way, but progress comes to every country and the roads and communication networks are improving.

The Orkhon Valley rides offer you the diverse landscape of Mongolia; from the cliffs of the Mini-Gobi through semi-desert steppes to Orkhon Falls, where the river falls into a spectacular canyon formed after an earthquake and a volcanic eruption more than 20,000 years ago.

Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2004 as the cradle of nomadic Mongolia, the Orkhon Valley covers an extensive area of pastureland that stretches approximately 80km long and 15km wide on both banks of the Orkhon river.

On these trails you also spend time with a nomadic family as they go about their daily lives, and visit various cultural sites including Karakorum (Kharkhorin), the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire founded in 1235 by Ogödei the son of Genghis Khan.

Orkhon Valley Camping Trail
The beauty of Mongolia is its landscape, in the heart of which nestle white gers and colourful Buddhist temples. This trail takes you to the most remote sites of the Orkhon Valley. The trail is vehicle supported except for three days when you ride into Naiman Nuur Park with pack yaks. Accommodation on the trail is in two person dome tents, with one night in a ger close to a nomadic family and one night in a semi-permanent ger camp.

Orkhon Valley Ger Trail
Enjoy the best of Mongolia in the comfort of gers, the practical and typical Mongolian dwelling. (The word “yurt”, which is in fact a Turkish word, is used in many countries to describe the ger). Following the river along the Orkhon Valley, you stay in comfortable semi-permanent ger camps each night (two to five guests per ger). One night is spent in a ger close to a nomadic family. This trail is vehicle supported.

The trail ends with a visit to Hustai National Park, best known for hosting the conservation project to protect the endangered Takhi (Przewalski's horse), which had completely disappeared from its natural habitat.

The Ger Trail would be suitable for accompanying non-riders, or guests who do not wish to ride all day every day. Non-riders will stay with the driver (who will likely not speak any English) and join the riders for lunch and at the end of the day.

Dunes and Steppes of Mongolia
This trail combines the dunes and the steppes of central Mongolia, offering riding in the Bayan Gobi Desert and the diverse landscape of the Orkhon Valley. The trail is vehicle supported. Accommodation on the trail is in two person dome tents, with one night in a ger close to a nomadic family and one night in a semi-permanent ger camp.

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Mongolian Riding Specialist  Claire Douglas

Claire says:
To spend a full day and night with a nomad family will leave you amazed at their humble existence.
My top tip:
Don't forget to bring your spirit of adventure with you on this fast paced trail ride.
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