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Morocco - Desert Trails
Morocco - Desert Trails
Morocco - Desert Trails
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Morocco - Desert Trails

From the sands of the Sahara to the High Atlas mountains, Morocco offers a wide variety of landscapes. The Atlas mountain range runs through the middle of the country. Amongst the high barren peaks rising to over 4,000m are woodlands of pine, oak and cedar, open pastureland and small lakes.  In the very south, lies the Sahara desert but far from being completely empty here you will find date palm oases and Berber communities.

The riding itineraries will give opportunity for you to visit exotic cities with their colourful souks and Kasbahs and ride past remote Berber villages whose farming culture is very much linked with the horse.

Morocco has wide variations in climate depending on where you are and the time of year, hence we move the horses to different places so as to offer superb riding in a comfortable temperature.

From mid October to mid May, the horses are based in the south of Morocco, near to Quarzazate. The day time desert temperatures are perfect for riding and there are a number of different trails.

Desert Cavalcade - Heading south east from Ouarzazate, you pass through the Draa Valley which makes its way towards the desert along a beautiful string of oasis. This ride is in the very south of Morocco, near to the Sahara and has the most opportunity for faster riding. It is the most challenging of the desert trails. There is a camping based itinerary and also the option of staying in riads and guesthouses.

Siroua Saffron Trail - This is a riding trail in the Siroua (pronounced Sirwa) Mountain region which is situated between the High Atlas and the Anti Atlas. This area is perfect for riding in spring-time and in autumn when it might be getting a bit too hot to ride in the desert and not yet warm enough to ride in the High Atlas. Saffron is a very valuable product of this area and you will ride past the saffron terraces.

Valley of the Roses - this trail sets off from Skoura palm grove, one of the most beautiful oases of the South and continues to a region famous for its rose plantations. The rose essence is used in well-known perfume blends and is exported worldwide. There is one long day of over 6 hours riding, but in general this trail is not as challenging as the other desert trails. 

Other Moroccan trails include the Horse, Dunes & Nomads itinerary where you stay each night at a comfortable riad or lodge.

A coastal trail called Essaouira Trail where you ride along the beaches and through Argan Forests. There is the option to choose a camping or hotel based itinerary.

We also have an exciting horse trail, the Toubkal Trail through the High Atlas Mountains and close to Jbel (Mount) Toubkal (4,167m) the highest mountain in North Africa and second only to Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

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Riding Specialist  Lucy Downes

Lucy says:
These are very impressive horses; fit and well trained for the trail.
My top tip:
Pack layers. Even when hot during the day, it can feel cold at night in the desert.
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