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Montana - Hidden Hollow Hideaway
Montana - Hidden Hollow Hideaway
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Montana - Hidden Hollow Hideaway

Montana is one of the most beautiful places in the world, let alone the USA. From rolling wheat fields in the eastern part of the State to the majestic Rocky Mountains in the west, it’s a land with wonder at every turn.

Hidden Hollow Ranch is owned by the Flynn family and is situated on the eastern side of the great Canyon Ferry Reservoir in the foothills of the Big Belt Mountains. The Flynn family roots trace back to the 1860s when Kelly's ancestors followed the gold rush to Diamond City, a once booming ghost town located on the northern side of the present day ranch. After several years of struggling in the gold mines, the family moved to the valley and homesteaded. In the early years Kelly’s ancestors carved a living from the fields and mountains but in the next century, the ranch grew from a small farm on Poverty Flats to a sweeping ranch of tens of thousands of acres.

Guests stay at The Hideaway. The cabins are in a peaceful setting alongside a small stream on two acres of well watered and tended lawns, green even in the middle of summer. Here you are hosted by Kelly Flynn and his family and wranglers.

At Hidden Hollow Hideaway the riders go out together in one group, normally no more than 8 people. The pace is dictated by the level of those on the ride and in unlikely to be fast. There are 25,000 acres of ranch lands to explore as well as the adjoining wilderness areas. You can ride through open meadows or on more challenging mountain rides, or perhaps check on the cattle on the upper pastures. You are also welcome if you are a complete beginner learning to ride. The small number of guests means that you will get all the help you need.

Cattle work is possible all through the summer. Most of the larger cattle drives are in June when cattle are first taken to the mountains. But there are also smaller cattle drives throughout the summer as cattle are moved between grazing areas.

There are many activities for non-riders or for when you choose not to ride. Something special at Hidden Hollow Hideaway is to try your hand at panning for gold. One of the richest gold strikes ever found in Montana lies within the ranch and you are sure to take some home - maybe not enough to get rich but enough to have some fun. You may go hiking through meadows full of wildflowers. Or perhaps join in on some of the activities of the working ranch such as changing irrigation water or repairing fences, whatever you wish. You might also like to try fishing at a nearby creek or one of the ranch ponds, or to go swimming at the nearby lake. Or just sit back and watch the clouds drift lazily across a blue sky.

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Montanan Riding Specialist  Rebecca Clarke

Rebecca says:
The small number of guests at the ranch ensure individual attention and lots of fun!
My top tip:
The wildlife around the ranch is abundant, and Kelly is an excellent guide. Be sure to take your camera and zoom lense to catch some of those elusive critters!
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