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Botswana - Kujwana
Botswana - Kujwana
Botswana - Kujwana
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Botswana - Kujwana

These highly personalised safaris explore the remote western region of Botswana’s Okavango Delta, an astonishing maze of papyrus lined waterways, meadows and woodland rich in birdlife and game. To ride in the Okavango Delta is a magical experience. Imagine yourself on equal terms with the game, cantering with herds of wildebeest and zebra or watching quietly as your horse grazes while a family of giraffe browse nearby. At night the lion’s roar accompanies your fireside reverie and a hippo’s watery grunt punctuates your dreams. This is as close to Africa as you will ever get.

The seasonality of the Delta is one of its most fascinating characteristics. The flood waters normally arrive in May or June. When the water is high the horses wade from island to island but along the margins the going is good and firm allowing the ride to move on at a trot and canter. At other times of the year, when the water has receded, there are wide open spaces for bracing trots and exciting canters.

A unique feature of this seven night Delta safari is that you ride from Kujwana main camp to another camp, Mokolwane, which is in a different area of the concession and so you have the opportunity to explore a greater area and potentially see more game. Safaris start on a Saturday or a Tuesday and it is possible to do only the first five nights and depart from Mokolwane camp if you are short of time. Ten night safaris are also possible for groups of four or more which include at least one night at a fly camp where you sleep out under the stars.

Kujwana is situated on the banks of the Xudum River and accommodates up to six guests in spacious twin and double bedded safari tents each with shower and flush loo en suite. Accommodation at Mokolwane camp is in tree houses with private bathrooms, running water and flush loos.

These safaris are run by PJ and Barney Bestelink, although they are not always available to guide and so you may be guided by one of the experienced and knowledgeable guides who have worked with them for many years. They have an intimate knowledge of the wildlife and ecosystems of the Okavango Delta acquired over the last 25 years. Barney trained in Kenya and England and has competed internationally for Botswana. PJ is a geologist by background and spent his early years prospecting for minerals in Botswana. His bushcraft is highly respected and his fishing exploits well renowned.

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Botswana Riding Specialist  Abigail Wood

Abigail says:

With the chance to stay at two different camps, you and your knowledgeable guides will track the game on horseback to offer the best sightings possible.

My top tip:

If you can afford the helicopter transfer, even one-way, then it's a magical way of experiencing the Delta and worth the extra cost.

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