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Turkey - Great Anatolian Trail Ride
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Turkey - Great Anatolian Trail Ride

The Great Anatolian Ride follows, as closely as possible, the early stages of the final journey of the adventurous seventeenth-century Ottoman Turkish traveller Evliya Celebi. After a lifetime spent wandering the world – from Vienna to Sudan, from the steppes of Muscovy to the deserts of north Africa – Evliya set out from Istanbul in 1671 to make the pilgrimage to Mecca that is required of all Muslims. He never returned to the city of his birth, but spent his last years in Egypt, composing and recomposing the 10-volume travelogue – the Book of Travels – that is the account of his far flung travels.

In 2014 the ride is running in reverse, starting from Kutahya and finishing at Validekopru, where you leave the horses and return to Istanbul.

Each day of the ride is wonderful in its own way. The landscape is gorgeous and varied and there are many wonderful villages, historic sites and important towns along the way. Ultimately however it is the very kind and hospitable people that you will meet and interact with each day that make this ride so special.

This trail will suit an independent traveller looking for adventure - the route can be subject to change and flexibility is paramount. You are not always escorted on transfers and so would need to feel comfortable about this.

See also the Cappadocia Trails.

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Turkish Riding Specialist  Sarah Dale

Sarah says:
A wonderful trail ride through a fascinating country.
My top tip:
You will need to have layers in case of cold evenings, but with careful planning you can still keep your luggage to a minimum.
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