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- Kroumirie Mountain Ride
- Kroumirie Mountain Ride
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- Kroumirie Mountain Ride

Our Kroumirie Mountain trail ride is in the northern, green part of Tunisia bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

Ride from the beaches of Tabarka through cork-oak forests to the edge of Fedja national park and the Kroumirie mountain ranges. Follow tracks through this varied landscape and visit the famous archaeological site of Bulla Regia, Roman marble quarries and the museum at Chemtou. There is also the opportunity to experience a traditional Hammam fed by the natural hot springs.

The horses are Barb Arabians ranging in height from 14.2hh to 15.2hh and a mixture of mares and geldings. They are fit and as lean and lithe as race-horses. The pace varies according to the terrain with numerous opportunities for canters. This ride is suitable for intermediate and experienced riders who are happy in all paces on a forward-going horse.

The riding moves on each day and at night you are transferred to comfortable hotels in Tabarka, Ain Draham and Hammam Bourguiba.

The riding itinerary fills the day and there is little time for other activities. However Tunisia is famous for its spa treatments and the hotel in Hammam Bourguiba has a fantastic spa so you may wish to experience a Hammam (traditional steam room).

Breakfast and dinner are taken at your hotels and the buffets offer a selection of Tunisian and European style dishes. At lunch time you have the opportunity to taste the best of Tunisian cuisine prepared by the camp staff who meet you on the trail.

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