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- High Plateau Ride
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- High Plateau Ride

This wilderness trip gives you the opportunity to experience the untouched nomadic culture of eastern Tibet in what was Amdo province, and to visit some of the remote Buddhist monasteries. Your base when you are riding is the purpose built High Plateau Riding Centre in the small town of Amchok, which allows you to fully explore the surrounding areas and return to a comfortable bed in the evenings.

Tibet became part of China in the late 1950s. Before this there were three provinces in Tibet: Kham, Utsang and Amdo. In the 1060s, after China came into power in Tibet, old Tibet was divided into four provinces and one autonomous region. Utsang province from the western part of old Tibet became today’s Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR). Kham and Amdo from old Tibet were divided into four other provinces, and the routes you follow lead you through the upland grasslands of what is now part of Sichuan province. The rolling hills of the high plateau are framed by the snow capped peaks of the Min Shan and Anye Machin mountains.

Part of the enjoyment of this ride is spending time with the local people you meet along the way, which means that the timing can be unpredictable. In addition, severe mountain weather can disrupt the itinerary. This trip is not for you if you like things to run to a timetable.

Your lead guide is Amchok Choetar, a Tibetan who grew up in this part of the country and whose family still live here.

Amchok has many years experience of riding in the area and speaks good English. He is well respected by the communities through which you will ride and his knowledge and passion for the area will bring the culture alive.

He is ably assisted by a backup team of local wranglers and his family.
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Riding Specialist  Chris Day

Chris says:

This is an adventure in the real sense, from the journey to the High Plateau to the unexpected meeting of Tibetan nomads and monks.

My top tip:

Take the best sun cream you can find. In the thin atmosphere at high altitude your skin can burn easily. Good waterproofs are also essential.

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