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  • Open Nov
  • Set arrivals
  • to nights / 6 days of riding | 4 to 6 hours riding per day | Nearest airport:Delhi
  • Weight limit: 14st (89 kg) (196 pounds)
  • Usual maximum: 12

Ride through the ancient kingdoms of Shekhawati and experience the complete spectrum of life in Rajasthan. Subsistence farmers, who maintain a very simple existence, to the privileged life of the princes. Ride in the state once known as Registhan: “land of desert”. Ride over a wide variety of terrain including desert, farmlands, rocky gorges, acacia forests, jungle, scrub and the fertile Aravali hills.

Historically this is one of India’s richest regions. Littered with magnificent forts and palaces that were once home, and in many cases still are, to royal princes. Some of these palaces are now hotels where you stay during the ride.

The Fairs and Festivals is a six day ride, followed by visits in Jaipur, the bird sanctuary at Bharatpur, one of the largest cattle & horse fairs at Bateshwar and the iconic Taj Mahal at Agra.

You will also be in India during the hugely celebrated Diwali Festival. The festival of lights.

A very special feature of this ride are the horses; the Marwari with their characteristic ears curling in at the top. They are spirited and forward going. The horses come from the stables at Dundlod Castle, home to Kanwar Raghuvendra Singh, known as Bonnie. Bonnie is a warm and considerate host and an expert horseman. He is a direct descendent of Kesari Singh who built Dundlod Castle in the 1750's.

At Dundlod, Bonnie has set up the largest Marwari stud farm in India and has established a breed improvement programme.

You should be a competent rider confident on a horse at all paces in the open. There are some long stretches of canter and you must keep your distance from the horse in front.

On the riding days you should expect to cover 10 km - 36 km each day. Possibly more.

The tack is English style Indian army saddlery.

Accommodation during this ride is a combination of hotels and safari style camps:

The hotels are often previous forts and palaces which have been converted into hotels but retain much of their original charm and features. Amidst the sometimes faded grandeur, it is possible to imagine the buildings in their glory days. The bedrooms are all different varying in size and decorations but all comfortable with private bathrooms.

The safari style camps have large spacious tents and are furnished with made up beds and fabric printed walls. Separate shower and toilet facilities are set up and hot water is provided in the morning and evenings. Camps are fully staffed and the support crew will prepare each new camp to await the arrival of the riders each evening.

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Upcoming Dates

The date of the Fairs & Festivals ride is designed to fit in with the Festival of Diwali, which changes each year according to the Lunar calendar. For 2020, Diwali is 14 November.

It is possible to leave from Jaipur after the riding, but you will miss the visit to Bateshwar Fair, Agra and Diwali celebrations.

There are other itineraries to coincide with the Pushkar Fair in October/November, or the Nagaur Fair in January/February. We also have a ride each year running over Christmas and New Year.

If you can't decided which itinerary is best for you, please read this handy ride comparison blog here.



INCLUDES Accommodation; full board except in Delhi, Jaipur, Bharatpur and Agra where lunch is not included; riding; sightseeing in cities; some entrance fees; all road transfers.

SINGLE SUPPLEMENT The following single supplements (per person) are payable:

Fairs & Festivals: $868.00
Fairs & Festivals (ending Jaipur): $553.00

The single supplement is refunded if we find you a sharer. If you are willing to share but there is no sharer then the single supplement is reduced by 50%.

SMALL GROUP SUPPLEMENT The following small group supplements (per person) are payable until there are 10 or more guests:

Fairs & Festivals: $613.00 with 3-5 guests, and $119.00 with 6-9 guests.
Fairs & Festivals (ending Jaipur): $488.00 with 3-5 guests, and $88.00 and with 6-9 guests.

There is an extra single supplement of $53.00 with 3-5 guests.

PAYABLE LOCALLY Lunch in Delhi, Jaipur, Bharatpur and Agra; some entrance fees; camera fees; drinks; laundry; tips.

On the Fairs & Festivals (ending Jaipur) you will require a internal flights from Jaipur back to Delhi. We will arrange this for you and the price will be confirmed at the time to booking. This flight will be around $154.00.

TRANSFERS The Fairs and Festivals Ride includes all road transfers from and back to Delhi.


Getting There

For Fairs & Festivals

Your flight may arrive into Delhi at any time on the 5 November 2020. There are no organised activities on 5 November 2020 and the Delhi city tour is scheduled for 6 November 2020.

There is no set transfer time and you will be met on arrival at Delhi airport and transferred to your hotel. Rooms are available from midday on 5 November 2020.

At the end of the trip you should book a flight departing in the very late evening of 19 November 2020 or the very early hours of 20 November 2020. You will be transferred to the airport in the very late evening on 19 November 2020.

You could also book a flight departing during the day on 20 November 2020 but you will need a hotel room for the night of 19 November 2020. We can book this for you but it is at an extra cost.

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The ride is in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan with sightseeing in the Golden Triangle - Delhi, Jaipur and Agra.

Weather & Climate

Rajasthan has a hot and dry climate. The monsoon is from June to September during which it is particularly hot. Rain outside the monsoon months is unlikely.

The ride is scheduled for the cooler months of October/November. At this time the maximum temperature would be around 29°C during the day. Evenings can be cool (around 5°C) and you should bring a warm sweater and be prepared for a chilly morning just in case there is snow fall in the Himalayas – the temperature does drop suddenly at times.

When camping, the cold nights are felt much more and you are advised to bring warm clothes for sleeping.

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Guest Review

It was brilliant - I felt fully briefed about what to take/expect - checklist of equipment, tipping culture etc. This was an amazing holiday was extremely well planned! The riding part took us 'behind the tourist curtain' and was such a unique experience! The places we stayed at were varied and we were frequently surprised by beautiful converted havelis/palaces! It was the riding that attracted me to the holiday,of course, but I am glad I stayed for the sightseeing days too - Jaipur and Agra were amazing - and the Taj, well, words fail me!!! The holiday ended with a ricksaw ride through Old Delhi as the preparations for Diwali too place - this summed up India for me - hot, crazy, colourful - amazing!

Josephine ,Warwickshire

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The colours, smells and sounds of India are such an exciting combination that will capture your heart and imagination. The horses are also enchanting with their curling ears and endless stamina.

Our Top Tip

You are riding through the desert, so take a bandana to pull up over your mouth to keep the dust out during the canters.


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