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Wildebeest migration Serengeti

How do you choose where to go on safari? Is it the horses and the pace of the ride, the game, or perhaps comfortable accommodation? In June 2015 I had the opportunity to join an eight night mobile safari with Kaskazi Safaris in Tanzania and discovered they offer it all!

The Kaskazi horses are well-trained, responsive, enthusiastic and a joy to ride. The knowledgeable guides lead a fun and pacey ride, and so to join this safari you should be a confident, competent rider happy at all paces in open order. If you enjoy a fast paced ride, then this is a safari for you.

Of course we can never guarantee game sightings, but the Serengeti Migration Safaris are timed to give you the best chance of seeing the migration of wildebeest from the Maasai Mara back to the Serengeti.

You can read about some of my highlights on the Elephant Safari with Kaskazi in my blog by clicking here.

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