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POrtuagl, dressage riding

In April 2018 I visited Quinta do Rol located 45 minutes north of Lisbon. Here I experienced high quality private tuition on finely tuned pure-bred Lusitanos. These wonderful horses were my first introduction to high level dressage horses and I was most certainly not disappointed.

The horses at Quinta do Rol are treated like royalty with large stables and paddocks for turn out. The stable block and tack room are spotless and the attention to detail is obvious. These horses are well and truly loved by Carlos and Rita Melo Ribeiro the owners of Quinta do Rol.

Guests are accommodated in four cottages amongst the buildings of the main Quinta. Each cottage has a comfortable lounge area, kitchen and outdoor patio or garden. Along with the covered swimming pool, tennis and basket courts, when you are not riding you have plenty to occupy your time.

With private lessons on offer, Quinta do Rol is perfect if you have specific goals that you wish to work on during your stay. These goals could be anything from improving your leg yield, flying changes, piaffe or simply to get back to basics. Pedro, the resident instructor, will help you hone your skills and help you meet those targets.

With stunning horses and private tuition, Quinta do Rol offers a unique experience for the dressage diva in us all. If you’d like to read more about my visit to Quinta do Rol you can read my blog here.

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