Ride Reports

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Arizona – Tombstone Monument Ranch

Tombstone Monument was the second ranch on my visit to Arizona. Completely different to the others, Tombstone is build like an old western town which I thought looked amazing. The ranch has eighteen rooms for guests but would usually on have a maximum riding group of nine. The wranglers are a lot of fun and offer various rides out across the desert as well as lessons and team penning.

Experience Level

Wait A Little – South Africa

Africa does tend to seep into your veins and often once you have visited this astonishing continent for the first time, it is almost like a poison in which you feel the need to go again and again – you just need to get yet another fix of her formidable sights, sounds and experiences.

Experience Level

Alcainca – Portugal

Breakfast of coffee croissants and the signature Portuguese custard tart with delicious flaky pastry at 7.00am on Tuesday 4th April in the arrivals hall of Lisbon’s International Airport was the start of our “magical month”. Well ten days really. We were on our way to the School of Equitation at Alcainca in the small village of Alcainca 25km northwest of Lisbon Portugal.

Experience Level

Kalahari Safari – Botswana

The Kalahari makes you feel very small in the grand scheme of things as everything around you is larger than life and endless. The Makgadikadi Pans stretch out in front of you into infinity, and you would think you were on the surface of the moon except for the scorching desert heat.

Experience Level

Macatoo – Botswana

I know that I am in Africa immediately, as stepping into the airport at Maun my body is immediately in shock at the sudden African heat (something a fair skinned English girl is unused to after the British winter). But boy was it lovely to be warm and see the sun shining.

Experience Level

Sierra Nevada – Spain

Bleary eyed I set out at 4am for Birmingham airport to get a local flight to Malaga. My flight was on time and less than 3 hours later I was in Southern Spain at Malaga airport. My flight had arrived by mid-morning and my transfer was not until 4pm, so I read my book for a little while and had lunch at a little café in the airport.

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