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Buffalo in the background

After two international flights and one bumpy light aircraft ride all you want to do is see some wildlife! I was not disappointed at Motswiri and on our first afternoon activity I went out in a mokoro only to see wild dog hunting around camp.

The camp has five tents on raised decking and one of those is the family tent which can be split into two. Each tent has sliding doors, flush toilets and running showers so it is an absolute glamping experience. The main mess tent compromises of a dining area, lounge, bar and outdoor fire pit for the evenings.

Each day follows a similar sort of pattern and normally the wake-up call is at sun rise (c. 05:00 in summer and c. 06:00 in winter). In the hotter summer days you would ride from about 06:00 through to 10:00, and in winter from about 07:00 through to 11:00. Lunch is back at camp and the afternoons are for resting and relaxing in your tent or by the pool. Usually afternoon tea will be about 16:00 before the afternoon ride from 17:00 to 19:00.

The morning rides tend to be faster, longer and have a mid-morning break for water and a snack. In the afternoon the pace is steady and mostly walk and trot before returning to camp.

Motswiri also has lots of non-riding activities available and so often you will find people in camp who will not ride at all. One of the camps specialities is walking safaris as well as trips in mokoros, motor boats and game drives.

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