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Moolmanshoek is home to over 200 horses, both Boerperds and Arabians, the majority of which were bred on the property. They are some of the best horses in South Africa and in great demand as safari, competition and trail horses all over the country. During a week-long stay you’ll encounter a wide variety of plains game, ride up into the mountains with challenging ascents and descents and experience wonderful long canters along grassy endurance tracks. We think Moolmanshoek is the perfect choice for competent riders who enjoy riding quality horses in a spectacular location.

Di Stark has travelled with In The Saddle all over the world, and just had to tell us all about her experiences at Moolmanshoek. We are so pleased she did. You can read about Di’s ‘trip of a lifetime’ to Moolmanshoek, and why it is a horse lover’s paradise in her blog here.

You might also like to read about Abbie’s visit in November 2022, in her blog entitled ‘Magical Moolmanshoek‘.

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