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Back in July 2018 I visited Montenegro for a few days. I’d never been to Montenegro before or visited the Balkan area of Europe and I was really surprised at just how beautiful it was.

I hadn’t appreciated that over 80% on Montenegro is made up of mountains, and it was within this dramatic scenery that we rode for 4 days. The views were simply stunning, and my camera did not do them justice. Every hill top and corner afforded another breath-taking view to take in, so you found yourself just gazing again and again.

This is a very remote corner of Europe which has hardly changed over the centuries, the local farmers still employ mountain dogs to live alongside their sheep, watching over them day and night. These dogs did their job really well and would become vocal when they saw you approach and cautiously watched you as you went past and disappear from view.

You stay at little guesthouses and chalets along the way. These are simplistic in nature, and some are set in the most stunning surroundings which meant you could enjoy your beer after a long day in the saddle and take in the sunsets.

Lunchtime pitstops were quiet and relaxing, a simple affair of a saddlebag picnic, fresh air and again those views to muse over.

The horses were incredibly well cared for and such safe mounts, feeling incredibly foot sure along the terrain. I have to point out that even though you ride in the mountains, most of the ground is made up of rolling mountain pastures, so it was nearly always grass under your hooves.

If you are looking for an escape away from the hustle and bustle of life, then you need not look any further, Montenegro offers all of this, which is a hard find.


Sarah Dale – March 2020

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