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I have been lucky enough to visit Macatoo twice now, and on both occasions I have not been disappointed.

I have been both during the flood season and also during their dry season, and I can honestly say it is impossible to say which time of year is better!

Every day provided me with really fun exhilarating riding, and memories of amazing sightings and running alongside the game. Each memory still makes me smile and at times I laughed until the tears ran down my face. That’s a good feeling isn’t it and one we don’t do often enough day to day.

During your stay you will get to ride a selection of horses, and they have plenty to choose between, something for everyone. But you also need to indulge yourself in some of their non-riding activities too, which indeed will heighten your overall trip and safari experience.

This safari is just perfect for the experienced riders amongst us, you don’t necessarily need to be a 4 star eventer, or a competition rider, but you do need to be capable and confident on horseback in faster paces out in the open. As long as you can ride like that, then you will not be disappointed by what you will discover and encounter at Macatoo. In fact you will just love it.

Travelling solo? You don’t need to worry here either, this camp is well hosted and you will feel welcome and like part of the family immediately. Supper in the evenings is like one big jolly supper party with friends and you will easily make some new friends for life during your stay.

If you’d like to read more about my time in Botswana, you can read my blog here.

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