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It seems like a lifetime ago that I have the privilege of riding with the migration in September 2013, but I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

Everything about this safari made it unique and I can honestly say it was one of the best I have ever been on.

Gordie and Felicia welcomed you so warmly to their ‘piece of heaven’, and between themselves and their loyal team you wanted and wished for nothing throughout the entire trip.

The area was teeming with game, from the wildebeest grazing in their thousands parting in a biblical way as you rode through them, cheetahs with full bellies sunbathing and brown hyenas following you and watching you pass in a gully below them.

Night-time came alive too, from the sounds of the lionesses hunting and calling to each other, the hyena barking and hippos having pool parties shouting out each time they slid down the river banks into the Mara River.

The tents are luxurious, the food delicious and the Bloody Marys brilliant. Everywhere you went you were greeted with genuine smiles and friendly interest including the local Masai chief who was keen to meet his ‘western visitors’ and interact despite the language barriers.

A huge shout out goes to the horses too, they were all so utterly well behaved and easy rides. They are well loved and cared for and genuinely enjoyed their days out with us too.

You honestly will be hard pushed to better this mobile safari. It was amazing how they logistically moved camp every two days and yet had everything prepared and set up for you in time for your arrival into the new camp. Camps location have been chosen with such care and attention, and each location was different to the last one and brought a new experience and level to your journey. No detail missed.

To be honest this safari will tick all of the boxes upon your wish list: Horses; food; hosting; game; accommodation; and of course the experience of riding with the migration, which is globally hard to find outside of this area.

Sarah Dale – March 2020


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