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Riding along the coast of the Mitre Peninsula in Argentina, this expedition takes you from civilisation to Fin del Mundo – the End of The World. This is a trail ride where you must be ready to forgo everyday comforts for basic facilities, but the rewards are more than worth it.

To take part in the expedition you must be a strong and competent rider. The terrain is challenging in places, and you need to be confident and trust your horse. Travelling with pack horses, the pace of the ride is usually at a jog/trot, although there are opportunities for canters on the beaches and where the terrain allows. For this trail you should be physically fit for long days in the saddle, and there are times when you will have to lead the horses for up to half an hour over difficult terrain. You should also have a reasonable head for heights.

You can read my full blog here, from when I joined our exploratory ride in November 2019.

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