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Growing up on a farm in rural Shropshire, I spent my childhood rounding up my grandfathers sheep and dreaming of being a cowgirl!

In June 2016 I visited Hidden Hollow Hideaway Ranch in Montana and was lucky enough to take part in a cattle drive.

The ranch is very small, usually taking up to eight guests at any one time, and run by the Flynn family. The normal itinerary is to ride out from the ranch for a few hours in the morning then return for lunch before an afternoon activity such as shooting or gold panning.

On my particular week, there was a cattle drive. This involved one day of gathering the cattle from low lying pastures and bringing them closer to the ranch and the next day was a full drive taking the cattle up into the mountains for summer – it was long and slow but we all felt as though we’d earn’t our dinner that evening.

Meals are cooked by Jill and taken all together with the family in the main lodge. Kelly and Siobhan were brilliant hosts and ‘wranglers’ for the week too and I thoroughly enjoyed the wildlife drives in an evening.

The accommodation is rustic but comfortable and gives you the chance for a digital detox (as there is no wifi). Most of the cabins are part of the original ranch and date back to 1860’s.

To read more about my visit in more detail, you may wish to read my blog here.


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