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Lake Sarmiento Chile

I visited southern Chile for the Estancias Ride in October 2018.

As a big fan of South America, dramatic scenery and riding off the beaten path, our Estancias Ride in Chile was a trip that I’ve longed to do for a number of years. The images of azure blue lakes and snow-capped mountains make you want to go and experience the incredible landscapes for yourself. I was not disappointed, not even a little bit!

By day we rode through forests, alongside lakes and cantered across plains with herds of guanaco, with big mountain scenery all around us. By night we experienced the best of Chilean hospitality at a mixture of guest estancias, working cattle stations and park hotels. We feasted on asado (BBQ), swilled Chilean wine and enjoyed elaborate picnics in breath-taking locations. The boat trips along Last Hope Sound and to Glacier Grey were another highlight, during which we saw icebergs, sea-lions and condors.

The long hours in the saddle (up to 7-8 hours on some days) and the fact you have to adapt to a different riding style means that this trip is best suited to competent riders. The horses are fit, forward going and very sure-footed, but they are not complicated or challenging to ride.

If like me you are a lover of lakes and mountains, then do consider this ride – it is everything you have dreamed of and more!

If you’d like to read more about my trip then you can read my blog here.

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