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This ride report is from Louisa Begg, co-owner of Los Potreros who took a holiday to Bahia in May 2013 with her husband Kevin. Here is her report.

Dear Abbie
As promised, here are a few notes on the ride. We had a truly wonderful time in Bahia, you can put 5 stars against it all! I know you have been on the ride yourself so there should be no surprises … the trip notes were excellent.

We really enjoyed all of the horses that we rode – being polo ponies they were super-easy to ride – willing and forward-going but with good brakes, which was great for the canters along the never-ending beaches. The only time we got close to civilization they did not twitch an ear at beach umbrellas, windsurfers or raging Chihuahuas! The beaches are truly exceptional, and lend themselves to lovely long canters, as do the sandy tracks inland. For most of the time we literally did not see another person.

We absolutely loved Pousada de Outeiro which is the main base for the ride – so much so that we are considering going back for a holiday there again. Very comfortable with great food, and a lovely pool. The accommodation in Trancoso and Caraiva was also excellent – they were both places where it would be very easy just to chill out and relax for a few hours.

All excellent and very accommodating with our particular dates.

General comments
In no particular order a few comments and top tips!
1)    We were truly surprised by how charming Trancoso and Caraiva were in their own right – really super and interesting places to stay.
2)    We loved the saddlebags built in to the saddle cloths, although riders do need to travel light. We carried lightweight rain jackets, water bottles and small waterproof bags with sun cream etc, and a small camera, and they fitted comfortably.
3)    It is a tropical climate and so riders should be prepared for the heat/humidity with suitable clothing. It can also rain at any time although it is warm. Saying that it didn’t rain once for us all week! Be prepared to get your feet wet riding across rivers and the sea.
4)    A perfect ride for vegetarians or fish eaters – there is plenty of fruit always on offer, and rice, beans and salads with every meal, with fish readily available. The food was delicious and plentiful throughout. Great for honeymooners too.
5)    Do remember to take your swimsuit throughout the ride – there are pools to swim in as well as the sea on your downtime.
6)    If you are a sun lover and want to take a couple of extra days to relax, don’t hesitate to book a couple of extra nights in the Pousada de Outeiro.

In summary, it really was perfect for us, so thank you so much for all your help.

Louisa Begg, 31st May, 2013


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