Ride like a Cowboy without going to the US!

Posted on May 15, 2014

There are few people who haven’t seen a traditional Western movie without thinking about what it would be like to experience the thrill of riding like a Cowboy! Exhilaration, freedom and quick-thinking equine partners are just some of the draws, however for many it is the idea of learning to ride in a new style that intrigues them.

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Western riding appeals to both beginners and experienced riders – the main differences being the tack in which horses are ridden, the way the aids are applied and the way the reins are held. Whether you have ridden previously or are a beginner rider, Western riding has a few differences to traditional English riding style making it fun and easy to pick up on a riding holiday. A Western saddle has a larger bearing surface over the horse’s back than an English saddle and generally offers a greater degree of comfort for both horse and rider – perfect for long days out on the trails! In Western riding the reins are held in one hand and horses are trained to ‘neck rein’ in order for Cowboys to quickly and efficiently maneuver their mount without compromising on the ability to carry out ranch work such as cattle roping!

Fast, fun and fabulous – for many people, Western Riding has always been out of reach due to the costs involved of travelling to the US, however In The Saddle have discovered options a lot closer to home to give people the chance to embark on a riding holiday – Western style – but without the long haul flight!

Nestled in the heart of Italy’s Tuscan hills you will find In The Saddle’s Castellare di Tonda! Surrounded by magical scenery, world-renowned vineyards and artistic legacy, the 800 acre working wine estate and Quarter horse stud farm is steeped in history and cultural indulgence.

This countryside resort and spa provides the perfect setting for an exciting Western adventure. Whether a novice or experienced rider – the activities at Castellare di Tonda will fit your Western wishes! Spend time learning to ‘ride like a cowboy’ and become accustomed to Western tack, while exploring the varied terrain. Finish your day unwinding with a glass of local Chianti, paired with exquisite Italian cuisine! All the glamour of Italy combined with the excitement of Western riding!

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Situated in the beautiful, peaceful setting of the Kiskunsági National Park, Hungary – spanning an area of over 53,000 hectares – In The Saddle’s El Bronco ranch provides that feeling of freedom only Cowboys usually get to experience!

Consisting of mainly saline plains and sandy lowlands, El Bronco plays the perfect host to long flowing canters along forest tracks. Your mounts are a mixture of Quarter horses, Appaloosas and Paints ridden in traditional Western tack. You will have the chance to spend time learning the basics of Western riding in the arena, or even practicing movements like side-pass, lope-halt and rollback turns. Combined with trail rides, El Bronco is the perfect balance of fun, education and exhilaration – the epitome of what In The Saddle believes Western riding is all about!

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To find out more about Western riding around the world visit www.inthesaddle.com or call 01299 272 997 to speak to our team of travel advisors.

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