Miyak Tribe Trail - North Macedonia

Miyak Tribe Trail

5 star rating   16 June 2024

Nina who has been on 10 In The Saddle rides. Incredible scenery and fast riding | The riding was very fast and intense. The scenery was incredible and jaw dropping, and so even though I struggled physically at times with all the uphill and downhill (there I a lot of it) and the long hours is the saddle, it was absolutely worth it. The food at every meal was superb and you eat a lot here. The team look after our needs perfectly and are all wonderful people.

The ceremony at the end is the icing on the cake and it was one of my favourite parts of the trip. Vasko had so many wonderful surprises for us up his sleeve.

It is worth mentioning that there is a lot of racing on this trip at full gallop and on uneven ground and long grass in some places, with Grand National type starts. I did love the racing and the speed but I wasn't happy to gallop downhill. ITS 'the riding' description says 'to avoid racing the canters will be in single file'. This is only true in some spots such as the forests, but out in the open you are encouraged to race and overtake. If you love lots of fast riding and racing and can cope with uneven ground then this trip is for you (if not, you may struggle). Its such an adventure and the incredible scenery plus the warm hospitality will blow you away.
[In The Saddle - We are so pleased that you enjoyed visiting this incredible country. It is the case that the riding is fast in places and that, where the terrain permits, riders are encouraged to spread out and take their own line. Some of the horses do know where these fast sections are and of course can get a bit excited about the forthcoming gallop].

The Riding

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As mentioned above, I do think its important to correct 'The Riding' section on your website. Racing is encouraged, not avoided and often not single file.
[In The Saddle - thank you for your feedback. We have updated the riding description on the website to highlight that riders are encouraged to take their own line and spread out].