Los Alamos - Spain

Villa Based Ride

5 star rating   28 May 2023

Claudia who has been on 11 In The Saddle rides. Fab Horses! | Having never been to the famed Los Alamos I was delighted to grab a last minute cancellation for a spot in May, The riding was as I expected with lots of walk mainly through the sandy forests with two days riding on the beach and fortunately not too much road work.
There was at least one gallop every day to liven things up a bit as well as lots of photo opportunities for you to later chose to buy or not - actually a nice extra touch that didn't really impinge on the riding
What really impressed me however were the quality of the horses - extremely well looked after, obviously cared for and highly trained SpanishPRE/Arab/crosses
I was privileged to ride four different ones each a pleasure with some that tested my abilities in a good way too!
Rachel really cares for her mounts and tries hard to accommodate everyones wishes and make sure everyone is happy with their horse. A skill in itself for sure!
Thanks to the guides Jose and Roberto who do make sure you are all ok whilst out on the rides.

[Abbie from ITS replies: Thank you so much for your lovely feedback. We're delighted that you enjoyed your first trip to Los Alamos and hope it will be the first of many].

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Wonderful hosting from Andrew and his family they really do make sure everyone is ok and you are well catered for from breakfast to dinner with snacks drinks all included - all you have to do is turn up!

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