Extremadura - Spain

Pilgrimage to Guadalupe Monastery

5 star rating   22 April 2023

Gwen who has been on 2 In The Saddle rides. Exactly as you described, it was a fascinating and beautiful trail ride through a remote region of Extremadura. | Emilio and Mamen are an excellent team. Emilio knows the terrain and the horses really well as he has bred and trained them all, producing gentle forward going horses.
All well cared for and well groomed. The saddles are quality leather English saddles which are comfortable for the long days of riding.
Mamen looked after the riders very well with lovely lunches and tapas breaks. So cheerful and knows so much about the history of the region having grown up in the mountains before studying for a degree in Agricultural Engineering at Madrid University.
The last night staying in the Monestery at Guadalupe was a real treat.

Olwen from In The Saddle - so glad that you enjoyed this great holiday.

The Riding

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