Sicilian Trails - Italy

Coast to Coast

5 star rating   15 April 2023

Caroline who has been on 18 In The Saddle rides. Coast to Coast - Adventurous and relaxing exploration of Sicily | This ride does something which few others do, I think, which is to cross a territory across a wide variety of different terrains and landscapes, from busy mountain villages to deserted beaches, agricultural fields to snowy mountain forests. We got a strong sense, on this ride, that you could take a horse anywhere. So it was a great way to explore Sicily, as well as do the kind of riding we could never do in the UK. My horse (Zeus) was very adaptable and a joy to ride for the whole week. Alex and Liz were exemplary guides, open to exploring where a new route might lead, but keeping everyone very safe and also happy. Obviously, the food was amazing 🙂

[Abbie from In The Saddle replies: Thank you for your feedback, we're so pleased that you had such a great time.]

The Riding

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The Accommodation

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It's hard to say this, but there was sometimes perhaps a bit too much food. It was all fantastic, but some restaurants defeated me in their unending provision of more courses. The lunches were just wonderful. We have been won over to Sicilian wines.

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All good, as ever.