Sierra Nevada - Spain

Alpujarra Short Break

5 star rating   29 June 2023

Janine who has been on 11 In The Saddle rides. A VERY unexpected holiday in beautiful mountains | This ride was beyond my expectations. It was adventurous, relaxing, fun and friendly.
The accommodation was beautiful and clean. The villages were beautiful, the villagers were friendly and so very houseproud! Our hostess, Dallas was knowledgeable and passionate about her country. The horses were so very well cared for in fact the best I have seen. Dallas knew each and everyone inside out. They are a credit to her.
The food was outstanding and I would recommend anyone to go. Although, you must be able to walk uneven ground easily.
Thank you for a great Ride "In The Saddle" you haven't failed us yet!

[Abbie from ITS replies: Hooray - we're so pleased you had yet another great riding holiday! Thank you for your lovely feedback on riding in the stunning Sierra Nevada Mountains. We're thrilled that you enjoyed this destination, which is a real In The Saddle favourite].

The Riding

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The Accommodation

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Before Your Holiday

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