Nile Explorer - Uganda

Nile Explorer

5 star rating   9 July 2023

Vivien who has been on 41 In The Saddle rides. Wonderful | This holiday more than met expectations. Natalie and TJ are some of the best hosts I have met on all the riding holidays I have been on. They are super nice people, have lots of interesting stories of their adventures and how they came to move to Uganda, have superb horses and really care about their welfare (not easy in the tropics). I rode Hunters Gold who had the smoothest paces I've experienced, a really nice horse. All the horses were in great health without a mark on them. They also have a great team of local people working for them. Moses and Erasmus did a great job of looking after us and the horses on the rides. We did lots of fast riding, at the group's request, and rode through villages, countryside, tropical jungles and along the river Nile. It was so different from the many southern Africa riding holidays I've been on and so interesting. Uganda is an amazing, complicated country, and so worth visiting. Stunningly beautiful as well. You get to see the real Africa on this holiday.

[Abbie from ITS replies: Thank you so much for your super feedback. We’re thrilled that you had such a wonderful time in Uganda.]

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The accommodation started good and got better and better. The Wild Waters lodge for the last 3 nights was something else. Amazing location! My room was on the more sheltered side of the island (other side of the rapids) but this meant I had a calm pool outside my room where the fish would collect so, each morning, I was visited and entertained by otters and kingfishers fishing in the pool. Magical. If you are into bird watching, Uganda is bursting full of birdlife. The food was delicious, mainly European but with some Ugandan options if you wanted it to be more adventurous. The fruit was absolutely delicious, freshly grown in the volcanic soil and so full of flavour.

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On the rest day (Friday), most of our group decided to go white water rafting down the Nile. It was the first time for me and a real blast. I loved it and would really recommend it. The people running it were really professional and kept us safe whilst allowing us to enjoy the rollercoaster ride over the rapids. In the calm waters in between the rapids, we ate the most delicious fresh pineapple - only in Africa! Seriously good fun.